Kind Words

“Where do I start. Liz was magnificent. My perfect day and dream wedding was able to be achieved with the help of Elegant Aura. Wedding planning is not my thing but Liz is a master. My vision was scattered but she was able to paint my picture and bring it to reality. I…had to push my wedding from July to May after everything had been booked but Liz still managed to make it happen. Not only changing the date but now the venue had to be changed and she handled everything so smoothly with no pressure and I felt confident in every step. Liz was with my fiancé and myself for 5 months. She was attentive and soon came to feel like family…she would answer every call and answer every question very responsively. I am so sad we can’t use her and our time is now passed with a Liz but she has left an imprint on me and on my special day. If you want to the most amazing wedding, this woman is the expert. She will work with your budget and knows the best people to meet the needs of any bride. She stood by my side every step of the way, I am so happy.”


“I was not completely convinced that I needed a wedding planner when I first started planning my wedding. After getting further into my planning adventure, I decided it may be beneficial and started researching. After speaking with a few planners, I decided on Elizabeth Quill (Liz) with Elegant Aura and it was the best decision of my entire wedding planning journey. After our initial meeting, I instantly felt more calm and confident about my wedding. This trend continued throughout the following year. Liz met with me whenever I needed and answered all emails usually within minutes! When I felt like I was getting a little crazy, she would reassure me. When I needed help making decisions, she was there with sound advice. I ended up using her recommendations for hair, makeup, florist, and DJ and they were all FANTASTIC! She always made sure I was on track with the planning timeline and helped me manage the budget throughout the process. The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect. Liz and Olivia coordinated all of the vendors, worked wonderfully with the venue manager, and were there for me whenever I had questions. If there were any issues, I was certainly not aware of them. From my eyes, they day went off without a hitch thanks to Liz and Olivia. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Elegant Aura!”


“Liz from ElegantAura was amazing with the amount of work she did in helping us find the appropriate vendors, working with various vendors during work hours, getting us the best options, and being on top of things in terms of wedding timeline needs. She was great in helping us figure out small details, like how to phrase our wording on invites, sensitive emails, and wedding programs…She was also very honest when it came to evaluating vendors that were not great for what we were looking for. Liz was very accommodating with communication time and methods, especially with planning in the winter when we had a few virtual meetings over the internet. We gave her a short timeline to work with, but she came out and handled it seemingly effortlessly.”
Alex L


The best decision we made while planning our wedding was, in general, getting a wedding planner. The best decision, in particular, was working with Liz. We had a great time working with Liz to plan our July 2016 wedding outside of Boston. We had some unique challenges; we live about 10 hours away and had to plan almost the entire thing via emails and phone calls. Liz was a consummate professional; she knew the terrain, understood what we were looking for, and linked us up with vendors who were able to realize it. Videographer with a drone? Yep. Ethically-sourced chocolate fountain? Check. Matching black Suburbans? No problem. Liz helped manage expectations, was a diplomat with our families, and was air-traffic-control on the big day. Could not have been happier with her work!”



“We hired Liz to help plan our daughters wedding held on 9/2/16. We originally hired Liz as a “Month of Management” but quickly changed it to a “Partial Coordinator”. This was a very wise decision. Though the wedding was small, there were lots of details involved. I wish I could adequately explain what an amazing job Liz did. The wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner reception were all stunning. It was a perfect day! Liz listened carefully to what we envisioned and executed it perfectly. Liz is quick to respond to emails and phone calls and is extremely organized. Liz was always eager to help – even if it was something that was not on her list of duties stated in the contract. We changed the location of the outdoor cocktail reception 4 days before the wedding due to weather concerns. Liz handled everything and it was was beautiful. Liz is such a gracious and kind person. She truly wants you to have the wedding you dream of and will do whatever it takes for it to happen.”

Donna – Mother-of-the-Bride 


“We LOVE Elegant Aura!! Liz was our planner and handled everything with grace, elegance and a big smile on her face. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, has great and creative ideas, complete grace under pressure and a beautiful eye for detail (so important on to have someone looking at every little thing on your wedding day). We had the best day and we owe so much of it to Elegant Aura. We couldn’t have done it without them!! And we lived happily ever after!”



“Above and Beyond. Three words that describe Elizabeth Quill and her team at Elegant Aura. Liz is the best. She embodies everything a wedding planner should be! Wedding planner, best friend, sister, and confidant, she has literally helped me with every single aspect of wedding(and life) planning. She is always available and always positive. She has answers and solutions to every possible question and problem a bride could ever have. She remembers things I forget. She keeps me organized and focused. Liz has a super awesome way of supporting my vision within our budget and taste. She gives encouragement and makes the overwhelming task of wedding planning not just manageable but fun! I am pretty sure she has other clients, but she makes me feel like my wedding is her only one! She literally makes you feel like a princess! Liz is like a beautiful young fairy god mother! I genuinely do not know what I would do without her! Everything went smoothly and perfect on our wedding day in Liz’s hands! My one regret is not listening to all of her advice!!! Organized…check Accessible…check Optimistic…check Creative…check Practical…check Honest and trustworthy…check Reliable…check”



“Elegant Aura made our day perfect from start to end! I world very closely with Liz Quill when planning my wedding. When I first met her, I was really impressed with Liz’s knowledge and professionalism and knew right off the bat I wanted Elegant Aura to plan my wedding! From listening to my fears of everything I did not want to happen to helping me choose between different linens, Elegant Aura was there every step of the way to guide me in planning my wedding and enlighten me in areas where I had no clue what I was doing. Elegant Aura made wedding planning as easy and stress free as possible! After a couple of months of booking my venue, I suddenly began to find things about the space that I did not like. However, Elegant Aura linked me with some of the most amazing vendors, most of which I would have never have found on my own, who all came together to make the ballroom breathtaking! I also began to run into issues with the venue on how things would run the day of the wedding. Despite how much the venue did to want to do some things that I really wanted to have done, Liz advocated for me and made sure that everything we wanted was executed the day of. Despite the many clients they had, by the time we got close to my wedding, Liz had gotten to know me so well, that she could already predict what I would or wouldn’t like! I felt as though I had known Liz for years, and from the bottom of our hearts, we will miss working with her and having her around! If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t choose any other wedding planner! Thanks to Elegant Aura, they transformed my ideas into reality and they made my wedding day from what seemed would be an absolute nightmare, into a stunning, dream come true! Thank you so much Elegant Aura, words can never explain how thankful we are that we met you and had the honor to work with you!”



“When we started the wedding planning process we had one major problem: Neither of us knew how to plan a wedding or even where to begin. My wife is from China and I am from the US. In American culture, the bride plans the wedding with her mom or Maid of Honor. However, in Chinese culture, the groom plans the entire wedding. Neither of us growing up thinking of planning a wedding or learning about it from friends that completed the process. Then, Liz of Elegant Aura came into our lives and saved the Big Day! We met Liz in May, 2015 and during that time told her that our wedding day was to be in the beginning of August, 2015. Not only was our wedding here in America in 3 months, but we were also planning a wedding in China that was to be a month after this one. The wedding in China required both of us to take a trip to China during the middle of planning the American wedding. Rather than trying to talk us out of the day for the American wedding, with it being only 3 months away, she told us that it can definitely be done and she would love to help us along the way. Liz seemed to be motivated by this challenge and excited to take it on with us. She gently noted that the shorter time frame would cause us to be busier during the wedding process, but it is honesty like this that makes Liz such a great wedding planner. The open communication makes her a part of the team and not just someone on the sidelines. Liz guided us along the process every step of the way and effortlessly incorporated our 2 week absence while we travelled to China into the overall plans. She helped push us to complete goals and always in a gentle and helpful way to keep us on track with our tight timeline. Wedding planning can be stressful at times, but planning a wedding together with my wife was an enjoyable experience giving us a chance to work and grow together. And when things got too difficult or overwhelming, we could always reach out to Liz with many, many questions, concerns or suggestions and she was always willing to help and offer her advice based on years of past experience, which was something we definitely lacked. Overall, hiring Liz as our wedding planner was a great choice and now we feel as if she has become a close friend!”

The Groom


“…After an exhaustive search for someone to plan and coordinate our wedding we chose Elizabeth, better know to us as Liz Quill of Elegant Aura. My husband and I wanted our wedding held at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Massachusetts. We are both out of state residents so the role of a wedding planner became one of our most important tasks to engage. After an exhaustive search we selected Liz. The expectations for Liz was a very daunting task. However, we placed our trust in her hands and gave her a list of our needs. With minimum direct involvement, Liz performed everything perfectly. Liz managed airline arrangements from all over the nation, reserved rooms for all of our guests and managed invitations and their responses. She also selected multiple venues and the highest quality providers in the area for flowers, photography, invitations, bakery and special menus. Liz maintained an on going line of communication with me and also with all of our guests, since many were coming cross county. My husband and I were more than pleased with the outcome and expectations we had. With Liz at the helm we had not one issue. What my husband and I valued the most about Liz was her ubiquitous value. She never left us during the entire three days our guest were at the resort. Our wedding was both elegant and beautiful from all avenues. We highly recommend Elegant Aura (Liz) for any event that requires the highest level of professionalism.”

Carol and Joe 


“I cant say enough amazing things about Alison and Liz. I am a wedding photographer and have seen TONS of coordinators since I have been in business. Alison and Liz are by FAR the best that I have ever worked with. Whenever clients ask if I have recommendations I am sure to give their name. So when it was my turn to get married having Liz and Alison there was a LIFE saver. I always thought that because I am in the business that everything would be perfect and smooth. For the most part it was but the one minor bump in the road we had they were ON TOP OF IT. I mean I didn’t even have to worry one single bit. Just having them there was a huge sense of relief. Eric and I knew we had nothing to worry about. They are so comforting that having them there made the day even better. Whether it was having them run to go grab my bouquet, gather family for photos, calling the band to check on things they never skipped a beat. If you are looking for help with your planning you’re totally crazy not to use them. You would not regret it for one single second!! I was actually sad when they left my wedding!”
– Molly


“It was a pleasure working with Liz and Alison at Elegant Aura events. They went out of their way to make sure no detail went unnoticed…I can’t say enough good things about these wedding planners. If you are looking for a month of planner or for the entire wedding planning experience look no further that Elegant Aura Events.”


“…I felt an instant connection with them the first time we met and knew that they were a perfect fit for me. I tend to be a very detail-oriented planner and don’t particularly like to delegate, but Alison and Liz made it easy (and fun!) to trust them, hand over the reins and actually enjoy the whole wedding experience!…My friends and family loved them and we all felt like we were working with old friends.

I absolutely loved planning the wedding, from the day we got engaged through our actual wedding day. Alison and Liz made the experience fun and exciting; they eased the stress and made me feel comfortable and secure that everything was taken care of. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants an amazing and personal wedding experience, thanks to Alison and Liz ours was more perfect than we could have ever hoped!”
Julia & John


“When it came to planning our wedding, the best decision we made by far was to hire Liz and Alison…“Everything they did, they did with a big smile on their faces. When you work with them you can’t help but have a great time! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a unique and personalized wedding, thanks to them ours was better than we could’ve imagined :-)”
Yara & Chris